Mãe Preta | Isabel Löfgren e Patricia Gouvêa
A Meeting of Minds - Exhibition
Curated by Abir Boulhari
AllArtNow Lab - Stockholm, Sweden

Display of the Mãe Preta archive, and the video Ways of Listening and Speaking

About the Project
Under the pressure of the revolutionary wave that shook Europe at the end of the First World War, the Riksdag approved universal and equal suffrage for women and men on the 24th of May 1919. In 2019, Sweden will celebrate 100 years of giving women the right to vote; this important date inspired me to start a project with female artists in "Meeting of
I invited six female artists from different cultural backgrounds. Some of them arrived at a new home in Sweden; others were born in exile or have a transcultural history. It is an invitation to meet, talk, and exchange ideas about their own experiences as female artists, how they investigate the feminist-related concepts in their artworks as well as the subject of migration.
In my project, I am focusing on the experience of feminist visual practices concerning migration and exile as personal experiences. In linking the terms "art, feminism and migration", we open a discussion about the imbalanced-seeming relations to refugee
representations and push for an approach that captures the daily details of displacement and emplacement in refugee lives, how you could have transcultural personality and to become part of more than one society.

The Artists
Areej Almansory - Isabel Löfgren (with Patricia Gouvêa) - Katarina Eismann - Nisrine Boukhari - Sandi Hilal - Valeria Montti Colque

- Abir Boulhari, curator