Ways of Healing (Ancestral Herbarium)

Ways of Healing (Ancestral Herbarium), 2021
Cyanotypes on paper

Authors: Alessandra Ribeiro, Ana Nery Carvalho Lopes, Cleide Eunice Neves Preira, Danilo Soares de Lima, Juliana Ribeiro, Leonardo Felizardo, Maria Alice Ribeiro, Mario Sergio, Zeila Regina Lourenço, Vera Zuim.

Series authored by members of Comunidade Jongo Dito Ribeiro/Fazenda Roseira in Campinas, Brazil.

For the Campinas edition of Mãe Preta in 2021, we invited the Casa de Cultura Fazenda Roseira and Comunidade Jongo Dito Ribeiro, Afro-Brazilian cultural groups in Campinas to create a new work for the exhibition. In a workshop using cyanotypes, members of these organizations used this old analogue photographic technique of exposing sensitized paper to sunlight to create a collection of images of sacred and medicinal plants cultivated in the former plantation house where the community meets regularly. This knowledge of plants for healing is handed down from generation to generation, and is now available for the public in Campinas to learn from in the exhibition set up at Instituto Pavão Cultural and also at the Fazenda Roseira itself.