Ways of Healing (Ancestral Herbarium)

Ways of Healing (Ancestral Herbarium), 2021 Cyanotypes on paper Authors: Alessandra Ribeiro, Ana Nery Carvalho Lopes, Cleide Eunice Neves Preira, Danilo Soares de Lima, Juliana Ribeiro, Leonardo Felizardo, Maria Alice Ribeiro, Mario Sergio, Zeila Regina Lourenço, Vera Zuim. Series authored by members of Comunidade Jongo Dito Ribeiro/Fazenda Roseira in Campinas, Brazil. For the Campinas edition … Read More

Ways of Erasing

Ways of Erasing 2018 Diptych Photomontage Foreground images: Monumento Mãe Preta, photographs by the artists Background images: Mike Peel www.mikepeel.com – Wikimedia Commons General plan of the City of São Paulo, 1905 And newspaper articles from the Black press in São Paulo, 1924-1954 | National Library Digital Press Archives Ways of Erasing tells the trajectory of … Read More

Ways of Enchanting

Modos de Encantar Ways of Enchanting 2018 Fotografia Photographic prints Modos de Encantar Ways of Enchanting 2018 Video loop 9’27” Com | With Anacleta Pires da Silva & Maria Dalva Pires Belfort In São Luís, in the state of Maranhão in northern Brazil, we approached maroon communities where the struggle for Black memory, the right … Read More

Venus of Gamboa

Vênus da Gamboa(Interference on images by August Stahl ca. 1885)Photography75x100cm2016Gamboa is the name of the region where the slave cemetery of Pretos Novos is located in Rio de Janeiro and where the second Mãe Preta exhibition took place. The images show pregnant women photographed in the August Stahl series commissioned by Louis Agassiz in Rio de Janeiro. They are … Read More

Mãe Preta Library

 The Mãe Preta library includes two aspects. First, a collection of books donated for the project. Secondly, the marking of those books in the institute’s permanent collection written by black female authors, and where black women, feminism or themes related to women’s studies appear.The children’s library includes titles where black children or Afro-Brazilian culture are the … Read More

Black Heroines

Ways of Remembering (Black Heroines Mural) Digital print on wood Variable sizes 2016-2018 The mural of the Black Heroines consists of a portrait gallery of Black heroines in Brazilian history whose life histories and historical importance stills needs more visibility in society . In this version, only sixteen of hundreds of Black heroines are portrayed … Read More

Ways of Speaking and Listening

Single Channel video27’27″2016English subtitles”Ways of Speaking and Listening” is a video installation that shows testimonials of seven Black mothers about their experiences of motherhood, their relationship to their own mothers and what it means to be a Black mother in Brazil today.  In collaboration with artist and filmmaker Mats Hjelm With the participation of:Carla Gomes, Cristiana Rosendo … Read More

Ways of Dwelling

Ways of dwellingPhotomontage with images by August Stahl, Marc Ferrez, Georges Leuzinger.120x75cm2016The series Ways of Dwelling refers to the importance of the ocean regarding the memory of slavery. In Bantu cosmology, the sea was known as Kalunga and the place of ancestors. In fact, one of the myths passed on from generation to generation since the times of … Read More

Ways of Revealing

Intervenção sobre negativo deteriorado de Marc FerrezIntervention on deteriorated negative by Marc FerrezNegra, c. 1884, Salvador – BA Marc Ferrez/Coleção Gilberto Ferrez/Acervo Instituto Moreira Salles While studying the various representations of motherhood in the Moreira Salles collection in Rio de Janeiro, we found an unusual image. The image was blue but was not a cyanotype, the … Read More

Ways of Seeing

By using optical objects such as magnifying glasses and lenses, in the series Ways of Seeing we highlighted the duplicity and complexity of the different relationships entertained by  the wet-nurses with both the white children they took care of and their own children, causing a shift of perception that makes the mother the protagonist of each scene. By looking … Read More